Aviation satcom experts since 1996

First and foremost an aviation company, we bring innovative thinking to airborne connectivity.

Defense, commercial and business aircraft operators rely on our innovative, holistic approach to connectivity for fully integrated solutions that meet requirements, are safe, certified and flexible and budget conscious.

Over many years of collaborating with our clients, we have developed novel methods for delivering a broad range of capabilities in the cabin and the cockpit. We deliver a complete solution to fit an enormous range of requirements.

What we do.


Our Part 21 G & J team assists you in every step of the way.


Manufacturing, selection, provisioning.


Use our airborne apps to make the best of your connectivity services.


Innovative IFE solutions to enhance passenger experience.


STCs from EASA, FAA, and multiple worldwide agencies.


Satcom and Air-to-Ground for cockpit Services, ACARS, IFE…

And of course, we deliver support for every project.