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Designed to help you accomplish your mission objectives with flexible, secure, airborne connectivity.

Whether your mission is ISR, VIP transport or Medivac, you can dynamically manage multiple communication resources, to maintain control.

Mission-Specific Pre-Configuration

Mission-Specific Bandwidth Allocation

Secure Connectivity

Dynamic Connectivity Source Selection

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Mission-Specific Pre-Configuration

This option allows aircraft maintenance teams to configure and activate pre-set mission types before flight such as:

• Medivac
• VIP transport
• Etc.

While airborne, the crew can also activate the desired profile with the push of a button.

Mission Specific Bandwidth Allocation & Prioritization

This tool enables in-flight operators to manage bandwidth amongst specific mission equipment such as:

• Video transmitter
• Chat application
• Data transmission application
• Voice communications
• Etc.

Users can do this either through pre-setting the variables (e.g. how much bandwidth goes to each device) or adjusting these variables dynamically during a mission.

Dynamic Connectivity Source Selection

This feature enables in-flight operators to dynamically manage connectivity sources during a mission, such as:

• L-band
• Ku-band
• Ka-band
• Microwave
• Etc.


Protect the aircraft network from content that could pose a security risk


Built with security in mind. Check out our Software Security Policy HERE.

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