Clarity : secure & HQ voice communications

When Inmarsat launched their IP-based I-4 satellite constellation, airborne Satcom users began taking advantage of the potential of Voice over IP.

Eclipse Global Connectivity, in close cooperation with industry partners, developed an airborne VoIP solution with audio quality worthy of Heads of State, other VVIP users, and business aviation passengers too.

Air-Ground & Ground-Air communications

Lightweight & flawless installation

Wireless or wired phones

Secure voice calls

HQ+ voice calls

Existing equipment can be re-used

Worldwide network


• SwiftBroadband, GX or other IP based Satcom
• Eclipse Clarity IPBX or other IAX2 compatible hardware


• SIP protocol from telephone to on-board communication device
• SwiftBroadband Streaming service utilized to optimize call quality
• IAX2 protocol over the satellite
• Eclipse VoIP server co-located with PSTN hub at the ground-earth station avoiding use of public Internet to route calls


Supported by IAX2 hardware


Over-satellite to PSTN or secure to your ground infrastructure with endpoint encryption

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