Flexibility : onboard network management made SIMPLE.

Newer generation Ku- and Ka-band systems dramatically increase the amount of bandwidth available to airborne users, but it is delivered in a single large “pipe”, without the ability to distinguish which passengers and applications should have access to the bandwidth.

Ideal for aircraft with Inmarsat GX connectivity, Aero+ Flexibility lets you prioritize bandwidth for specific passengers. Additional services and tools enhance the user experience, bringing onboard connectivity into a new era.

By solving this issue and offering additional services, Flexibility brings the user connectivity experience to a new era.



Payment portal



Bandwidth Prioritization & Allocation

Create multiple connectivity zones in the aircraft. Manage onboard networks and prioritize bandwidth allocation. Each zone has its own management rules :

• WAP association
• Bandwidth allocation
• MAC Address filtering
• IP Address filtering
• Domains filtering

Managing and assigning bandwidth is a simple task. Prioritize by setting a specific rate (e.g. 1024 kbps) and/or by adjusting the percentage of bandwidth dedicated to a particular zone, or user profile (e.g. 25% of the total available bandwidth).

Upload and download speeds are also customizable.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Monitor the current system state, current/historic bandwidth usage, current zone activity and more. The diagnostics tool can be accessed remotely and provides :

• Network properties : ping, traceroute
• System logs
• Encrypted and read-only debug file generation for Support

Security & Access Management

Aircraft zone management :

• Configure zone function (access portal, filters, etc.)
• Configure network settings (DHCP, DNS, etc.)

Aero+ Flexibility’s security tool allows you to configure and secure the onboard network :

• User Filtering – Control who can access the internet
• Device Filtering – Block unwanted devices
• Domain Filtering – Control what can be accessed

Credit Card Payment Service

Allows aircraft operators to easily and instantly sell internet access to passengers. Pricing, conditions of access, etc. are fully defined by the operator :

• Configurable bundle sizes and prices
• Compatible with common VPN services
• 100% secure payment process

The payment portal interface is customizable on demand.


Protect the aircraft network from content that could pose a security risk


Protect against the threat of viruses from untested user devices

SBB Fallback

If Ka-Band service is no longer available, Flexibility allows to switch to the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) network (needs to be activated in settings). Please note that bandwidth management is not available when SBB is activated.

Responsive design

Administration panel and payment portal interfaces are truly responsive and look great on monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones...

UI customization

Upload your own logo(s), set up new colors, and request customised theme options.

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